My Baby's Journey - Rov's milestones

Rovilson has reached his 5th month and boy how big he has grown. There is no secret that he is heavier and bigger than 90% of the boys his age, cos that is what his paed says. Everytime we go for a checkup she would mark that little book of his  and it is really normally above the average line. Wow. Makes me wonder what kind of milk did I fed him all this while.

I was just flipping his milestones chart the other day and whatever the chart indicated that he should be doing and in what month, was completely off.

 Milestone : Around 3 months

Smiles at people - 1 month plus
~ Really I must say that conversing with Rov since he was born did the trick. There was so much of talking (mind you not baby talk) and smiling and laughing whenever we carried him. The immense interaction with him made him really confident and people friendly.

Lift head - 2 months
~ He was able to lift his head by a little bit by his next 2 months check up. Dr Chan his paed in KK was impressed. She was also impressed that he had gained almost 2kg from the time of his birth. And I had ample of breast milk that time. Up to 3-4 ounces per feed. Wow.

Coos and gurgles - 2 months
~ Boy was he talkative. Whenever we talked to him he would coo and coo and coo for like several minutes. I've got in on cd somewhere where he actually muttered a vague 'hello' back to me... Simply priceless.

Looks at own hands with interest - 31/2 months
~ Very very curious about his hands and how it works. Eventually it goes into his mouth.


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