My Baby's Journey - my lil one

A day after my only sister's wedding, lil Rovilson was born. Yup he was born 2 days earlier due to some complication. I had to undergo an emergency c section as baby was in a transverse position. Apparently it only occurs in only 1 out of 2500 births. It was really very crucial for him to come out, latest on 2nd of May. My gynae wanted to take him out a week earlier but I told him that I preferred to have a normal birth and to just wait a little bit longer. Of which we did.

2nd May - sequence of events

10.30am - had breakfast at Pacific Sutera
11.30 am - the deciding appointment with Dr Sarva, KK Specialist Centre
* he scanned me, paused and calmly said that Rov was still in a transverse position. i have to undergo the emergency c section at 4pm later.. sigh *
1.00pm - did some tests. contraction was 3-5 minutes apart
* hubby and i were panicking as we did not know what to expect. i thought after seeing Grey's Anatomy, this is nothing.. boy was i wrong.
2.00pm - i was put on a glucose drip. oouucchh.. careful on the needle.
3.50pm - doc checked the baby. still transverse. nurses got me ready to be wheeled to the op room
4.00pm - Angelus came to kiss me. so sweet
4.10pm - was greeted by the friendly anaesthologist, which happens to be at my sis' wedding last night. he saw me dancing the sumazau. what a small world.
* i really thought that i was given an epidural, but apparently i was given a spinal anesthesia.
found out also that the needle was 3.5 inches long... pengsan*
4.15pm - was injected with the anaesthetic twice and felt complete numbness from my waist down in seconds. Dr Sarva came a while later and as he always is, calm and cool. He somehow has this immaculate smiling face that really calmed me down. Hubby came in, assured me that everything was ok and began recording..
4.45pm - after much struggling and tugging and pulling... finally i heard a short wail. boy was i relieved. if i could jump, i would have. i could hear hubby saying "praise the Lord, thank you Jesus." to hear him say that meant that what he had seen during the op, was really something he could not believe had happened and he was shit scared for me.
Dr Sarva brought Rov to me for 3 seconds, and he was crying and still a bit blue... God, that was indeed a miracle... my baby boy.
They wheeled me out and everyone was at the waiting room. Although the stitches was so painful, I was too excited and happy to go to sleep. They gave me a painkiller and it did made me feel sleepy, but I was talking to Angelus and hubby all the way. My parents were there, sis and her hubby, our close friend who came all the way from KL to see the baby (Selva) and my brothers.

I got to see Rov a few hours later and he was such a beauty. I could not breastfeed yet as the stiches were still a bit sore. I knew I was still on heavy medication so I doubt that there would be much milk anyway. Rov had to take formula for a while.

I did try the next day though to feed him, but I was still not producing enough. I began to feel anxious a bit. There were a lot of mixed emotions but I shall talk about that later. Now is all about Rovilson.

That was what happened on 2nd May. Double celebration for my parents as well as my whole family.

Praise the Lord for keeping us both safe.. Amen

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