My Baby's Journey - Rov's milestones

Rovilson has reached his 5th month and boy how big he has grown. There is no secret that he is heavier and bigger than 90% of the boys his age, cos that is what his paed says. Everytime we go for a checkup she would mark that little book of his  and it is really normally above the average line. Wow. Makes me wonder what kind of milk did I fed him all this while.

I was just flipping his milestones chart the other day and whatever the chart indicated that he should be doing and in what month, was completely off.

 Milestone : Around 3 months

Smiles at people - 1 month plus
~ Really I must say that conversing with Rov since he was born did the trick. There was so much of talking (mind you not baby talk) and smiling and laughing whenever we carried him. The immense interaction with him made him really confident and people friendly.

Lift head - 2 months
~ He was able to lift his head by a little bit by his next 2 months check up. Dr Chan his paed in KK was impressed. She was also impressed that he had gained almost 2kg from the time of his birth. And I had ample of breast milk that time. Up to 3-4 ounces per feed. Wow.

Coos and gurgles - 2 months
~ Boy was he talkative. Whenever we talked to him he would coo and coo and coo for like several minutes. I've got in on cd somewhere where he actually muttered a vague 'hello' back to me... Simply priceless.

Looks at own hands with interest - 31/2 months
~ Very very curious about his hands and how it works. Eventually it goes into his mouth.

My Baby's Journey - my lil one

A day after my only sister's wedding, lil Rovilson was born. Yup he was born 2 days earlier due to some complication. I had to undergo an emergency c section as baby was in a transverse position. Apparently it only occurs in only 1 out of 2500 births. It was really very crucial for him to come out, latest on 2nd of May. My gynae wanted to take him out a week earlier but I told him that I preferred to have a normal birth and to just wait a little bit longer. Of which we did.

2nd May - sequence of events

10.30am - had breakfast at Pacific Sutera
11.30 am - the deciding appointment with Dr Sarva, KK Specialist Centre
* he scanned me, paused and calmly said that Rov was still in a transverse position. i have to undergo the emergency c section at 4pm later.. sigh *
1.00pm - did some tests. contraction was 3-5 minutes apart
* hubby and i were panicking as we did not know what to expect. i thought after seeing Grey's Anatomy, this is nothing.. boy was i wrong.
2.00pm - i was put on a glucose drip. oouucchh.. careful on the needle.
3.50pm - doc checked the baby. still transverse. nurses got me ready to be wheeled to the op room
4.00pm - Angelus came to kiss me. so sweet
4.10pm - was greeted by the friendly anaesthologist, which happens to be at my sis' wedding last night. he saw me dancing the sumazau. what a small world.
* i really thought that i was given an epidural, but apparently i was given a spinal anesthesia.
found out also that the needle was 3.5 inches long... pengsan*
4.15pm - was injected with the anaesthetic twice and felt complete numbness from my waist down in seconds. Dr Sarva came a while later and as he always is, calm and cool. He somehow has this immaculate smiling face that really calmed me down. Hubby came in, assured me that everything was ok and began recording..
4.45pm - after much struggling and tugging and pulling... finally i heard a short wail. boy was i relieved. if i could jump, i would have. i could hear hubby saying "praise the Lord, thank you Jesus." to hear him say that meant that what he had seen during the op, was really something he could not believe had happened and he was shit scared for me.
Dr Sarva brought Rov to me for 3 seconds, and he was crying and still a bit blue... God, that was indeed a miracle... my baby boy.
They wheeled me out and everyone was at the waiting room. Although the stitches was so painful, I was too excited and happy to go to sleep. They gave me a painkiller and it did made me feel sleepy, but I was talking to Angelus and hubby all the way. My parents were there, sis and her hubby, our close friend who came all the way from KL to see the baby (Selva) and my brothers.

I got to see Rov a few hours later and he was such a beauty. I could not breastfeed yet as the stiches were still a bit sore. I knew I was still on heavy medication so I doubt that there would be much milk anyway. Rov had to take formula for a while.

I did try the next day though to feed him, but I was still not producing enough. I began to feel anxious a bit. There were a lot of mixed emotions but I shall talk about that later. Now is all about Rovilson.

That was what happened on 2nd May. Double celebration for my parents as well as my whole family.

Praise the Lord for keeping us both safe.. Amen

2nd April : Happy Braxton-Hicks Contraction Day

It started after sending my son to tuition class at 3pm. I decided since I had the energy to do things, might as well I go out and finish up the to do list before I leave for Sabah.

There was a lot of walking, driving, anxiety, frustration and plus the heat was getting to me. I did notice the tightening of my tummy plus the intense pressure on my lower abdomen. It was very consistent throughout and the only way I could relieved it was by sitting down.

It went on through the night, until to the extent that I could not lie down properly on my bed to sleep. I was already planning in my head to call my gynae in the middle of the night and to ask her to come and check on me. If not, drive to the hospital myself. I was ready and frankly I was a bit relaxed (even though I am supposed to deliver in Sabah and all arrangements had been made there already), because then I would be able to call hubby home earlier and I would get to see him when he comes back then.

Whatever it was, I knew that the baby was not ready yet. There was no blood or water gushing out, just irregular contractions and it eased up a bit if I am in a sitting position. So that was it for the rest of the night. I was asleep in an upright position, had cramps, could not move much and woke up several times to adjust the pillows. I was wimpering a bit and for comfort I was listening to my son's snores and movements. It was nice to have someone around.

I prayed to God also to help me get through the night, of which He did. After sending son off at 7am, I continued my sleep till 11am, without disturbance. No contraction today.

I did manage to get hold of hubby and related to him the story. I did not want to panic him, but I did tell him that I was ready to give birth here so that I can be with him, instead of thousands of miles away. Cae sera sera I guess. God willing. As well as the baby's decision also. If he can stay put, then ok. If not, expect an early delivery from now till the 12th.

Keep you guys updated ok!

My Baby's Journey Week 35

1st of April.

Approximately 4 more week to go for full term, and anything can happen in between. My due date would be between the 27th to 4th of May, but I am really hoping for the baby to come after the 1st of May.

I know the petua orang-orang tua says that to enable the baby to come out faster, you have to do a lot of walking, do house chores, eat spicy food, make love, etc, and knowing all this, I am definitely staying my best to stay put at home. But life does not permit me to do such things. If I be stagnant, the amount of responsibilities and follow-ups around me would definitely pile up till I would really just deliver earlier thinking of them. So what do I do. I pray to God that everything would go as plan. I stop and rest when my feet hurts, and when I am getting some really bad contractions. I try to not get too emotional with everything because my anxiety and excitement can actually trigger contractions. Lastly when there is way too much activity in my tummy (as in the baby will just kick, punch, swerve, dance, going in circles etc!), I will calm him down by singing and rubbing his head or feet or hand (whatever that I see protruding on my tummy). It does calm him down.

And so by the way this is not an April Fool's joke.

See you guys next week - week 36!

First entry of the year

So sad.

Only one, and it is already March.

I have skipped about 20 weeks of my baby's development, and boy, I can tell you a lot has happened in this 5 months or so.

As you might all know, I am due soon, and I am already at week 34!!!! Can you believe that? In 2 weeks time I will be at my 9th month and then... pop goes the baby. Takutnye!

As usual the symptoms are all there. Back pain, pelvic pain, leg pain, feet pain. You name it. But as some people had advised, think happy positive thoughts and the baby will definitely feel that.

A little something on the baby, as at the last scan I went to, which was on Monday:

~ Baby is 2.4kg. No wonder so heavy.
~ He is still in a breech position, that means my lil man is not ready to venture out yet. So it will take some time
~ He has about 2cms of hair. My gynae said - panjangnya rambut. Not sure whose gene he's following.
~He was sleeping that morning so could not get a look at his cute face.
~ But previous 3D scans showed that he had my flat nose and looked like Angelus.
~ Baby is very active as my gynae had to position him by massaging my tummy. The next minute he changed his position and completely blocked his face. My gynae was indicating that he might decide to come out earlier.
~ I am due to fly back soon. But because of circumstances, I wanted to delay further. Doc said it is not advisable as I can deliver from 37 weeks onwards. (But I want to be here for Easter!!.. sigh...)
~ I have only gained 0.1kg from the last appointment 2 weeks ago. It must be that streneous trip I had during the holidays. Angelus can be quite a handful. My other boy too. :D

So that's it. I am still in dilemma about a lot of things. And although I am not working, managing a school-going son, a clingy hubby (I love you), CFO (Chief Family/Financial) of the house and investments/projects, I do feel pretty worried.

Gosh, it's 1pm. Gotta pick up my son now. Till the next time......

My Baby's Journey Week 12

Wow! I skipped a whole month. Yipes. Sorry people. I guess there was just a lot of things that has been going on.

So I will be going for my routine ante-natal check up this Friday. Some said that I will be able to see the baby's gender by now. Really? That fast. But I have received same predictions from 5 people that I know about the gender of the baby. I would not want to hope for anything, not just yet. So let's leave it as it is.

We have not bought a single thing for our new arrival just yet. Right now we are actually trying to wean Angelus from our room and place him in his own room. But I am really careful not to force him or anything or else he would really be uncomfortable with the idea. We were thinking of some funky double decker bed and nice storage cabinets, and with some cool wall paper or something. Hahaha. Nothing beats a bribe.

I came upon this Chinese Lunar Calendar website that actually can predict the gender of my baby. And guess what after going through the instructions, my baby would be a girl. What is the odd of that?

So for those who are expecting maybe you gals can try this out. It is after all 99% accurate.

Guess what. We have already decided on the names of the babies, boy or girl. This is so exciting!

Plus, a road trip this Deepavali. Stay tuned in my travel blog - take a walk and smell the flowers

My Baby's Journey Week 8

I really cannot recall if my nausea was this bad during my first pregnancy. I noticed it now triggers whenever I feel anxious or excited or nervous about something. Oh my. Now I have to be a boring emotionless person in order for my nausea attacks to be in control. Hmmm.. Oh dear.

That leaves me with nothing much to do. Sleep, eat, blog and watch tv. Oh gosh.

But you know la me. Mind over matter is the in thing for hubby and I currently. So I squeeze in a few evening walks now and then, coupled with doing the laundry, cleaning, mild shopping and eating out. I am beginning to lose interest in eating out nowadays also. The level of cleanliness has somehow declined and the pregnancy has alleviated my sense of smell to almost bionically impossible to explain. Uurrgh. Thinking about it does not help either. Ok change of topic.

So what do I do when I am faced with all these challenges.

1. Drink lots of limau (lemon) water or juice.

2. Chew bubble gum

3. Take deep breaths

4. Eat home cooked food (I miss my mummy's cooking and sister's soup)

5. Stop breathing if I see or smell anything remotely disgusting (walk away fast!)

6. Close my eyes (same as no. 5)

7. If I really have to do something disgusting, that is when my mind over matter kicks in. Oh my goodness, that one drains out most of my enery, man!!! Bleeehhh....

8. Sniff Vicks or minyak angin

9. When there is a lot of air in my tummy (like last night - continuously burping out the air), I lie down, put some medicated oil on my tummy and try to push the air out. It almost feels like having gastric, that's why I need the air to go out fast).

10. No gas drinks at all (I learned my lesson already!)

Urrgh.. Mind over matter.. Mind over matter..

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