First entry of the year

So sad.

Only one, and it is already March.

I have skipped about 20 weeks of my baby's development, and boy, I can tell you a lot has happened in this 5 months or so.

As you might all know, I am due soon, and I am already at week 34!!!! Can you believe that? In 2 weeks time I will be at my 9th month and then... pop goes the baby. Takutnye!

As usual the symptoms are all there. Back pain, pelvic pain, leg pain, feet pain. You name it. But as some people had advised, think happy positive thoughts and the baby will definitely feel that.

A little something on the baby, as at the last scan I went to, which was on Monday:

~ Baby is 2.4kg. No wonder so heavy.
~ He is still in a breech position, that means my lil man is not ready to venture out yet. So it will take some time
~ He has about 2cms of hair. My gynae said - panjangnya rambut. Not sure whose gene he's following.
~He was sleeping that morning so could not get a look at his cute face.
~ But previous 3D scans showed that he had my flat nose and looked like Angelus.
~ Baby is very active as my gynae had to position him by massaging my tummy. The next minute he changed his position and completely blocked his face. My gynae was indicating that he might decide to come out earlier.
~ I am due to fly back soon. But because of circumstances, I wanted to delay further. Doc said it is not advisable as I can deliver from 37 weeks onwards. (But I want to be here for Easter!!.. sigh...)
~ I have only gained 0.1kg from the last appointment 2 weeks ago. It must be that streneous trip I had during the holidays. Angelus can be quite a handful. My other boy too. :D

So that's it. I am still in dilemma about a lot of things. And although I am not working, managing a school-going son, a clingy hubby (I love you), CFO (Chief Family/Financial) of the house and investments/projects, I do feel pretty worried.

Gosh, it's 1pm. Gotta pick up my son now. Till the next time......

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