My Baby's Journey Week 35

1st of April.

Approximately 4 more week to go for full term, and anything can happen in between. My due date would be between the 27th to 4th of May, but I am really hoping for the baby to come after the 1st of May.

I know the petua orang-orang tua says that to enable the baby to come out faster, you have to do a lot of walking, do house chores, eat spicy food, make love, etc, and knowing all this, I am definitely staying my best to stay put at home. But life does not permit me to do such things. If I be stagnant, the amount of responsibilities and follow-ups around me would definitely pile up till I would really just deliver earlier thinking of them. So what do I do. I pray to God that everything would go as plan. I stop and rest when my feet hurts, and when I am getting some really bad contractions. I try to not get too emotional with everything because my anxiety and excitement can actually trigger contractions. Lastly when there is way too much activity in my tummy (as in the baby will just kick, punch, swerve, dance, going in circles etc!), I will calm him down by singing and rubbing his head or feet or hand (whatever that I see protruding on my tummy). It does calm him down.

And so by the way this is not an April Fool's joke.

See you guys next week - week 36!


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