My Baby's Journey Week 12

Wow! I skipped a whole month. Yipes. Sorry people. I guess there was just a lot of things that has been going on.

So I will be going for my routine ante-natal check up this Friday. Some said that I will be able to see the baby's gender by now. Really? That fast. But I have received same predictions from 5 people that I know about the gender of the baby. I would not want to hope for anything, not just yet. So let's leave it as it is.

We have not bought a single thing for our new arrival just yet. Right now we are actually trying to wean Angelus from our room and place him in his own room. But I am really careful not to force him or anything or else he would really be uncomfortable with the idea. We were thinking of some funky double decker bed and nice storage cabinets, and with some cool wall paper or something. Hahaha. Nothing beats a bribe.

I came upon this Chinese Lunar Calendar website that actually can predict the gender of my baby. And guess what after going through the instructions, my baby would be a girl. What is the odd of that?

So for those who are expecting maybe you gals can try this out. It is after all 99% accurate.

Guess what. We have already decided on the names of the babies, boy or girl. This is so exciting!

Plus, a road trip this Deepavali. Stay tuned in my travel blog - take a walk and smell the flowers


ROSILIE said...

hello my friend. Can I ask your help?Can you link my 2nd blog? It is
You are already linked there.tnx a lot. see you around.

chegu carol said...

Yay! First phase is almost over!

My colleagues pun pernah gave me the chinese lunar calendar to predict baby's gender. they said it works (for them). but whatever it is...most important baby is fine. and you too.

in case i lupa...happy diwali to you and family ed! :)

LxndreaSB said...

hey thanks kay!
bila ah u guys datang sini? i think i might still be in kk!
hahah! jumpa di kk la kalu gitu.

osindak said...

hellooww edna! lama sudah me not mansau here. sorree! skarang baru ok2 to bloghop.. :-) i'm about 14 weeks now. thanks for your advice on flu, cold, etc. for now sia makan vitamin c n multivit only. hope ok soon. re chinese calendar, my 2nd baby was predicted wrongly.. hehehe anyway, yang penting baby is well kan. you take care too ah. God bless! *hugs*

abelle | Only in Silence said...

Hello there, Edna! Hope everything is well ;o)

Deana E said...

mine was predicted correct...hope you;ll get a girl too..hehe

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