Getting Pregnant Month 2, Chapter 1 - Rest and Relax

My aim is to rest and relax at home. Eat a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, meat, lots of iron and protein, milk for the calcium and multi vitamins for the extra supplement that I will need. So far I have complied with eating a lot of fruits as hubby and I are on a rampage almost every night going all out buying rambutans, durians, apples, oranges etc. Since today is Wednesday, we would be going to SS3 and pajak (buy) their mangoes, apples, langsat, rambutans and coconut. My gosh. Can we actually get an overdose from eating too much of fruits? LOL! Hmm... Am I trying too hard here? As far as I can remember I did not try this hard when I got my first kid. Relax Edna...

Anyway, about the whole idea of getting a little bit of R&R. NOT happening! This coming Saturday will be son's Sports Day. Now that will start bright and early in the morning at 7am. My goodness. It will somehow last until somewhere before noon, and of course I will be up on my toes trying to get as much videos and photos of my little boy. Sigh. How he has grown. And being a fanatic athlete himself, hubby is training him for his run on that day. Aiyo. Training would be running about 100 metres as fast as he can. I am not really sure if he will be running that far, dear. For all we know it might just be running 50 metres together with his friends, carrying an egg with a spoon, or something like that. The second half of Saturday would be just free and easy, as hubby would be going to PD for a football match.

Sunday would be a VERY busy day, as we will be going to church for the first service at 7.30am (urgh.. I'm not a morning person). After that around 10am the whole family as well as hubby's Australian boss (and his family) will be going to Sunway Lagoon! My son is pretty hyped about that. His hypeness for his sports day has died off.

So the only days that I can rest will be on weekdays from 8am to 2.30pm, because this is when son goes to school. After that it is chaos again until a little bit after midnight, as hubby and I would hang out till then. Gosh. Who says being a Stay At Home Mum is easy? Plus the pressure of getting pregnant. It is sometimes very stressfull indeed.

Next weekend would be the week that we will be going to Pekan Baru, Indonesia for our church's mission trip. My first mission trip and I am terribly nervous. That would take us 5 days. Then the next weekend after that hubby and I will be organising a farewell dinner to one of the most happening pastors in our church, Pastor David Heng, also the pastor for Christian Care Centre. That would be a totally different story.

So what is the result for this R&R plan? NOT working! Maybe I should just go ahead with my daily routines and not think too much of it. Well let's just wait and see.


denna said... rush, rilex and sure it will happen..i might start my no.2 soon hahaha..old already ba me.

LxndreaSB said...

hey denna.. if u dont expect it, it will definitely happen. ;p

JO-N said...

Hey, don't worry and don't give up. It will happen when you least expect it.

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